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   TK Systems Policies


All prices F.O.B. Chino CA, unless otherwise specified. Prices are subject to change due to a fluctuating steel market, engineering changes, city / fire required changes, etc.

Lead Times

Lead times are estimated and do not include shipping and installation unless otherwise specified. TK Systems, Inc. shall not be held responsible for delays in shipments due to unforeseen circumstances out of the control of TK Systems, Inc.; including but not limited to inability to obtain raw materials, paint, dies, tools, etc. in a timely fashion.


Payment terms are to be 40% down, 40% with delivery, and 20% net 10 days on fabricated products O.A.C. Installations are to be billed Net 10 days and progress payments will be required on installs lasting longer than 5 normal working days. In some cases a down payment may be required. Past due invoices will be charged a 1 % finance charge monthly.

Returned / Cancelled Orders

Custom fabricated products, and or products that do not carry an TK Systems, Inc. model number shall not be allowed to be returned for any reason after production has commenced. Products such as E.O.R. protectors, stairs, landings, and other standard TK Systems, Inc. products that have model numbers shall be allowed to be returned with a 25% restocking fee at the discretion of TK Systems, Inc..


Obtaining the proper permits is the responsibility of the dealer and or end user. TK Systems, Inc. assumes no responsibility for concrete slab thickness or compressive strength, fire systems and or electrical work that may be required. Fees related to obtaining permits are the responsibility of others.


Work to be performed during normal working hours, M-F in ambient temperatures unless otherwise specified and quoted as such. Area of work to be free and clear of debris and electrical power must be supplied within 150? of work area. Lift equipment to install and move materials, i.e. forklifts, scissorlifts, shall be provided by dealer or end user unless otherwise specified. Back charges will not be honored by TK Systems, Inc. unless a change order was issued. Change orders must be approved by TK Systems, Inc. in writing prior to work being started. Stand time will be billed at $35 / man hour plus equipment costs and materials will be supplied at cost plus 15%. Special inspections on anchors, concrete, etc. not included unless otherwise specified.

Product Damaged in Transit

TK Systems, Inc. will not accept the return of product damaged in transit. The buyer?s recourse is with the freight carrier. It is the buyer?s responsibility to examine each shipment carefully for damage and possible shortages. If there are damages or irregularities, have the carrier state in writing on the freight bill the exact nature of the damages or shortages before you accept the goods. If any damages or shortages are found, file a claim with the freight carrier to have the goods replaced / repaired.


TK Systems, Inc. shall warrant structural products to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 25 years from the date of installation by a certified installer. Warranty does not cover regular wet applied paint, damage caused by conditions beyond the control of TK Systems, Inc. such as but not limited to ordinary wear and tear, faulty installation, fire, water or chemical action, separation of concrete slab or settling of walls.

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